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A beautiful car. I love it. It's classy. It gets many compliments. But after I owned it for about a year, and 20,000, knocking noises began surfacing at startup. The dealer replaced a pulley on the engine, but the problem didn't resolve. Several visits later, the dealer replaced the cam phasers, and that did solve the problem, but then new noises appeared.

The engine was making a percolating noise at idle and when placed in gear (forward or reverse, but never neutral/park). I was told it was the high pressure fuel pump and an insulator would do the trick. It didn't. I learned to live with it until I started hearing a light buzzing noise under throttle around 38 MPH. Several visits and the noise couldn't be resolved. The dealer finally replaced a chain and several tensioners that drive the water pump and that incidentally resolved the percolating noise during idle, but the buzzing sound continues under throttle--in fact, it's now worse. It sounds like a bicycle chain rubbing against the metal guard.

The dealer has been wonderful about taking care of the car, but I've made 10 to 12 visits to the dealer in 12 months, and the noises are driving me insane with this car. In my state, this is approaching (if it hasn't already exceeded) Lemon Law.

As much as I love the car, I could not recommend it to anyone. No one who pays $33,000 for a brand new car should have to go through this. Every week I'm wondering what will happen next, what noise, what issue, and what agony I have to go through to get a loaner car, plan my day around the 20 mile trip one way to the dealer, sitting in gridlock for an hour coming home from the dealer, etc.

I have finally decided to contact Buick's Customer Service Hotline and get a complaint going. It's all such a shame. The 2011 Regal was my first brand new car--what an experience!

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I just purchased a 2011 (yesterday ).. I didnt hear the noise until I brought the car home...

I'm so pissed. I guess that is why he had the radio on while I took a test drive. The car overall is great. Just not sure I'll be able to handle the noisiness...

and reading all of these compliants...

seems as if it isn't a fixable problem... disappointed beyond belief

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