So I like the way the Buick regal looks and it's very stylish. However the same day I bought the car the lot porter was to fill it with gas and the car never made it back to the car lot.

I was told after signing for it that the lot porter burned my clutch out while putting gas in it car had 23 miles of which I had put 15 of them. So pissed and frustrated the Sales Manager tells me they are going to give me loaner and order new clutch fly wheel and get it replaced. Well I get the car back 30 days later because they burned out the starter fuse trying to get the car started in gear to get it back to the dealership...HELLO tow truck maybe.. So I go and pick up what should still be my brand new car, well next morning can not get the car to go into gear, returned to dealer to have them tell me that the wrong trans fluid was put in it and they have to order it from Detroit.

So another week and a half goes by and get the car back and now the car pulls to the right, return to dealer again to have the svc guy tell me that is normal...Yes NORMAL.. Wow I have had numerous brand new cars and NEVER have I had 1 pull to the right with out a tire being low. Well after living with the fact that the piece of *** car is hard to get into gear now at 10k miles the trans is slipping in all gears. Return to dealer again now to hear them tell me they have to replace the clutch and fly wheel again, this is the 3rd one in less than a year.

Dealer is telling me that G.M. is saying to replace clutch and move on and oh well it's not their problem I'm just to deal with all the bs and continue to make payments. This is why I quit buying Chevrolets and figured even though Buick is a G.M. Vehicle I would give them another try, Well this has turned into a nightmare trying to get this resolved and the dealer mgmt.

seems to run the other direction when they see me.

Brown Pontiac in Amarillo, Texas is where I purchased the vehicle and can guarantee you will never buy from there again and will make sure to inform all that I know to stay away from this dealership and Buick, GMC Vehicles. Buy FORD or DODGE Never had any problems with them.

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