Whitecourt, Alberta
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I am pissed!!!! Bought a 2014 Enclave and had problems within 3000 kilometres with the rear Liftgate latch and it had to be replaced.

Within a month after the repair the rear liftgate would not open again so back in for repair second time. Service Manager then tells me that the Enclave, Suburban and Tahoe rear lift gates are designed to not open in -18 degrees C or colder!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? Why are these vehicles sold in Northern Provinces and States where 28% of the winter months are -18 C or colder!!!!!

We live in Whitecourt Alberta and our Chev Dealership should have told us BEFORE we bought the Enclave that we would not be able to use the rear Liftgate when it is -18C. We would not have bought the Enclave as this is a showstopper for us ! You would think the Dealership would inform the customer in Northern Alberta about this definite problem? Phoned the GM Customer complaint line and filed a complaint but what good is that going to do?

Does GM even care enough to try and rectify the problem? You would not expect to have these types of unrevealed issues when you pay $60K for a vehicle and such a *** problem that hopefully the GM engineers should be able to come up with a fix!!!!! Please tell your friends about this to help some other unexpecting customers the same disappointment and grief.

I am pissed, it never occurred to me to ask what temperature the lift gate would open? Would you?

Product or Service Mentioned: Buick Repair.

Reason of review: Rear Liftgate fault.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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