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I went to Sweeney Buick, Pontiac, GMC, 7997 Market St, Youngstown, OH,44512 to use the CARS program to buy a new Pontiac G5. On 07/31/09 I signed a purchase agreement but they refusedto release the new car.

According to the CARS Program, upon signing the purchase agreement the new car must be released, and the old car must never be on the road again. It has been 15 days and they have lost this sale. I am now pissed off because they are giving problems about the $500.00 deposit being returned.

This dealership has taken the economy stiulating, comsumer benifiting CARS program and made sure it would only benifit them. I plan to see to it they don't get anything from that program until they obey the rules.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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theres always around a contract it also might have stated seller has every right to restrict sale of vehicle for any reason trust me its on all contracts read it thourghly

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