My wife's 2001 Buick Century odometer cluster failed just before planning a trade-in. She had about 43,000 miles on it based upon the last 42,000 mile service invoice a few weeks earlier.

The Buick dealers (those left open) in Central Florida wanted $800+- to have the cluster replaced but could not computer read the old mileage or guarantee Detroit could. The new cluster would read zero mileage.

Florida law requires a signed off ( real current mileage) to sell/transfer or trade a vehicle. The $4,500 trade-in offer was dropped to $2,000 and the "failed to read" mileage was recorded at 999999.99 on the FL form. Yes, we are pissed.

How can GM sell a dash cluster where the dealers can't recover the mileage reading? We cancelled our planned Buick car purchase and will buy a VW.

The dealers can't sell the car on their lots without the actual mileaage. It must go on the auction block at the failed odometer 999999.99 mileage. Three generations of our family have been Buick or other GM users, no more.

You can be sure that everybody we know plus some web sites will know this story. I have a 2004 Buick La Sabre that I am ready to trade-in.

You can be sure it will not be a GM brand. Norman Lauterette, macnorm@nmws.com.

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You are ditching an entire brand over one glitch on one vehicle? How can you possibly drive ANY vehicle?

They all have problems.

By the way, it's a simple fix. You just replace the resistors, and poof!, there returns your light and mileage.

Anderson, South Carolina, United States #793915

There are 4 r resistors in the instrument cluster if you replace those the odometer will work and have correct mileage.Takes 20 minutes


I agree, Three Generations of good luck with the same brand of car and one little malfunction. Well I have a 2003 Buick century, and the Odometer went out on mine also.

Yes it was frustrating, so I went to the Junk yard and they had my EXACT cluster for my make and model, and i paid $20, and simply took a few screws out of the dash and plugged in the new cluster. Problem solved!

And it only Cost $20!! and about 2hrs of my time (including the trip to the yard!) This is my Second buick I have had and will Definitely buy another one!

to Insane #979423

The problem is that does not give the correct mileage, you now have the mileage from the car it came from, so would not have helped this guy at all, he was still screwdd.


You have generations of good luck with a brand of car and then one bad experience.

This experience leads you into the arms of a german company who has a reputation for electrical problems worse than the one you have.


With that VW

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